As a believer, I have embraced the calling to love my husband and be his helper. For better or worse, for sickness and health, ’till death do us part.

When I spoke those words under oath with 100’s of witnesses, my youthful mind had no concept of a husband leaving a wife emotionally. I had not read why God Hates Divorce. I had it in my mind a Godly husband, which I most certainly was marrying, would not leave me in any way. I felt loved, protected and excited about this journey.

If you are reading this I have invited you to join my journey in prayer and trust that nearly 25 years into our marriage I am not crazy.

I want you to know my heart. James and I are at a turning point, again, in our marriage. I don’t write this to blame but shed light, as light casts out darkness.

Telling my story will be my story. Not James’s. You will have to ask him for his side. But hearing my story of personal hell will possibly shed light on why I am soon insisting on a separation or God forbid divorce.  Counseling and the Holy Spirit can always change hearts.

This Christmas, the Holy Spirit revealed to me an incredible source of strength in my adult children that gives me to boost I needed to climb higher.

Reading the article below shook me to my core as I realized I’ve been climbing already for years.

Climbing out of Hell.


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